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Contemporary Art Gallery Online believes in the creativity of man, the beauty an artist can share with the world and the ultimate need man has for the beauty of art. We believe this to be a simple truth and this is why we created Contemporary Art Gallery Online.

Contemporary Art Gallery Online was created, in 2001, to be the ultimate meeting place for the sharing of art.  Our purpose is to create an environment whereby artisans can display their work and ultimately be found by their future owners.  Our mission is to assist future owners by providing excellent and professional service.  We are here to create lasting connections between the Artists, Art, Us, and Future Owners, of these amazing creations.  We are the only online gallery that limits the number of artists represented and only accepts artists, whose work speaks with a strong point of view and meets our high standard of quality.  We encourage the exploration of art, discussion of art and the support of those who create art. 


The team at Contemporary Art Gallery Online believes art is transformative.  When you find “The One”,  art piece - it understands who you are and by engaging with it, you discover who you are.  Art comforts us.  Art makes us laugh.  Art makes us think.  Art feeds our soul.  Art soothes our anxious minds.  Art brings happiness to a sad heart and reminds us what is good with the world.


We believe art makes us a better person.  We believe art inspires us to do better, as well as do more for our society.  Art is restorative.  Art enhances our memories.  Art gives us hope for a better future.  We believe Art is the medicine and the nourishment needed to fuel our existence.


We do all of this by carefully curating a Gallery that offers you plenty of choices without overwhelming you.  A Gallery, which was built to be easily searchable.   We want to make it simple and enjoyable to find your next Art piece, which speaks to your soul.   Because what we do here at Contemporary Art Gallery Online is to assist people with finding “The One”, piece of art, which resonates with them!


And yes… We have the style, color, theme, size, and type of art you want, which matches your furniture and décor as well as transforms your rooms in your home and office spaces… oh, and by the way you as well!  

Finally, Contemporary Art Gallery Online is a small business, which is owned and operated by Artisans and Art Industry Professionals.  We are not beholden to Wall Street, Investors, or nameless, faceless Corporations.  For the past twenty years, it has been a very personal investment of time, energy, spirit, and savings to Build and Grow this business- This Gallery.  Our Twentieth Anniversary gift to ourselves, to our Artists, to our Gallery Visitors/Patrons, and Loyal Supporters is a completely new, upgraded and beautiful space to immerse your soul in this art experience. We may have a new face, but we will always remain steadfast to our vision, mission, and heart.  When we leave this earth, will we be able to say we made a profound difference in people’s lives?  We believe we have and we will continue to do so.

Numerous Online Galleries throughout the years have tried to copy us, and we are flattered.  However, they sold their integrity and values and they took the money, with strings attached.  They did this while forgetting Why they began their Gallery.  They forgot about their Artists and their Customers.  We embrace our smallness!  We know our Artists names, we know our patrons names.  Is this not how it should be?  Most Galleries boast they have a larger selection than a Big Box Store or that they carry one-million pieces of art!  We are still confused how this is a good thing.  This is actually  insane.  How does a customer find what they truly want amidst all the noise?  How is an Artist to be seen?  The answer is neither do not!  

Virtual Gallery.jpg

A great deal has happened in twenty years.  And we were there together, to experience it all.  The Gallery provided a source of joy, solace, truth, trust, and inspiration.  Moreover, we will be here, with you for the next Twenty plus years.  

As we evolve, the Gallery embraces a lifestyle shift, incorporating what is important to our individual environments and us.  Over the coming months we will continue to surprise and amaze you with new product lines.  We are bringing back our Artisan Furniture line and will begin carrying stain glass, clocks, wallpaper, artisan home goods, and more!  Do not touch that mouse!  Bookmark us!  Stay Tuned for more exciting news…

Art is at the base of our human existence.  We need it, as we need air to breathe.  Yet, so many people are without this very necessity of life.  Join us and help support three amazing charities.  Bring art to those who need it most.  Money from every sale on our Gallery will be donated equally to these charities.  Join us in making a difference in individual’s lives and our society as a whole.  Support small business as well as small charities.

It has been our greatest honor serving our Artists, Guests, Customers, and Business Partners and we look forward to serving our community for many decades to come.

At Contemporary Art Gallery Online, We Believe Everyone's Life Should Include ART.

As Always We Showcase Tomorrow’s Art Giants, Today.   Support small business like our Artists, Vendors, and Ourselves.



Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s Motto


 Be Courageous with your Creativity and beliefs.


Always be Authentic to your Artistry and Creativity.


Practice Gratitude daily and be Giving with your heart as well as your wallet.


Optimism – As we bring our unique Original selves to CAGOnline, together our collective futures are bright.


New challenges help us grow to be better humans, better business people, as well as better artisans.


Live Life purposefully.  we have one shot at this life.  make it count!


Impact our surroundings with your Intelligence, Imagination, and Integrity.


We have the Nerve to say “No” to mediocrity and exclaim, “Yes” to exceptional beauty, talent, and originality.


Excellence is no accident.  It is achieved by dedication and hard work.

Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s Value Words

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