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I believe and know that Art is transformative.  When you find “The One”, the right piece, it speaks to you as nothing else can.  The connection is on such a deep level, there are no words to describe it.  There is no explanation as to why a person is so mesmerized by a particular art piece.  It simply just is.  I have been fortunate to have art surround me all my life.  From my earliest memories, I have had a profound relationship with Art.  Growing up, regardless where we lived, I had the same two pieces of original Art in my room.  I can remember getting lost in these beautiful works of art.  I contemplated my future, I wondered if I was going to pass tomorrow’s exam, and even wondered if Bobby was going to ask me to Homecoming!  I fretted over things, which seemed to be the end of the world then.  And yes, that silly little girl on more than one occasion deeply contemplated the universe.  I traveled up and down the yellow staircase in this painting, thinking about anything and everything.  I created my own world inside those paintings and specifically “That One”.


The last time my Father was in our home, he stayed in my room and slept under my painting.  He told me he finished the painting shortly after I was born.  He said he felt compelled to finish it much sooner than later.  He did not know why he had such a strong urge.  He said it went beyond desire… It was necessary.  My Dad then told me, this painting (as he pointed to my painting) was his favorite painting and that is why he placed it in my room.  I told him this was my favorite thing… period!  I explained to my Father the importance of this painting.  That it is what I clung to in the middle of the night if I were afraid.  I cried, I laughed, and I wrestled with my thoughts and issues all while starring at this magnificent work of art.  My Dad looked at me and said perhaps this is why he had such a strong urge to complete it, all those years ago.  It was created to watch over you as you grew.  We had a profound Father – Daughter moment that night.  It was a wonderful conversation, filled with laughter and discovery.  I watched him fall asleep while he held my hand. He died a few months later. But I have that night, which is seared into my head, my heart, and my soul,  for the rest of my life.  I had a deep relationship with this painting, when I was a child.  It now has even a deeper meaning to me.  My Father painted this painting for me.  His essence, his spirit, his soul is in this painting.  I did not know it then, but he was always with me and I know he is still with me now.  My painting is still “My One”.


Some art pieces connect to our limbic system, while other art we think of as simply pretty.  However, when you find “The One”, it understands who you are and by engaging with it, you discover who you are.  Art comforts, art makes us laugh, art makes us think, and art makes us a better person.  Art inspires us to do better, as well as do more for our society.  Our job here at Contemporary Art Gallery Online is to assist people with finding “Their One”, piece of art that resonates with them!  This is not a job for us.  This is our passion!  Life does not exist without art.  We firmly believe this, to be an undeniable truth.


Finally and also important; I have always believed the economic fuel that keeps America moving forward is small business.  I believe this is the same for most countries.  It has become increasingly more difficult to support small business.  These behemoth companies take up most of the light and they make it insanely easy to forget about us Little Guys and Gals.  However, it is imperative as a nation - in order to survive and grow, we must support small businesses.  Please remember; great things come in small packages.  It is worth the visits.  You find imaginative products and excellent service with small businesses.  You are important and you are seen, respected, and recognized.  Yes… We know your name!  We are a small business, our Artists are small businesses, all of our vendors are small businesses, and the three charities we work with are small charities that desperately need funding.  Therefore, when you purchase a piece of ART from us, you are supporting numerous small businesses.  Moreover, of course… you gain a wonderful piece of art to adorn your wall.  I hope it is “Your One”!

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A great deal has happened in twenty years.  And we were there together, to experience it all.  The Gallery provided a source of joy, solace, truth, trust, and inspiration.  Moreover, we will be here, with you for the next Twenty plus years.  

As we evolve, the Gallery embraces a lifestyle shift, incorporating what is important to our individual environments and us.  Over the coming months we will continue to surprise and amaze you with new product lines.  We are bringing back our Artisan Furniture line and will begin carrying stain glass, clocks, wallpaper, artisan home goods, and more!  Do not touch that mouse!  Bookmark us!  Stay Tuned for more exciting news…

Art is at the base of our human existence.  We need it, as we need air to breathe.  Yet, so many people are without this very necessity of life.  Join us and help support three amazing charities.  Bring art to those who need it most.  Money from every sale on our Gallery will be donated equally to these charities.  Join us in making a difference in individual’s lives and our society as a whole.  Support small business as well as small charities.



          He who works with his hands is a laborer.  

He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.      

He who works with his hands, and his head, and his heart is an artist.

 ~ Saint Francis of Assisi


I truly believe we represent the best Artisans working today.  Stop in and Enjoy the Art.  It is excellent nourishment for your soul.  

All the Best,

Sharon B. Drinkard


Contemporary Art Gallery Online

“My Painting” by R.R. Hawkshawe


Fun Art Fact:  I had two titles for this painting; “My Painting” and “City Lights”.  The real title you ask?…. No one knows!  This painting was always referred to as the painting in Sharon’s room.  Perhaps that is the real title!

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