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It's Official... The Holiday Season Has Begun!

Happy Holidays...

It is officially here...

Thanksgiving and Christmas are about giving, love, friendship, and more. This is the time of year when we focus a little more intently on others. Art allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images.

And through those images people tell their stories or hardship and success, joy and sadness. Art, at times, is the only means to express what is haunting our souls. It is often a vehicle for social change. We believe is paramount! ART must exist in all of our lives, if we are to live our best lives and be humane.

Therefore, instead of reducing our prices and seducing you with meaningless Black Friday deals. We will offer different art Giclee reproductions, for charitable donations. We encourage you not just to purchase at the base price listed, rather pay more. As much as your generous heart wants to give and your pocket can afford.😊 The Gallery is waiving all their fees. Only the costs will be subtracted, from your donation. The balance will be shared between the two charities, we support.

Visit us each day, to see what the offering will be for that day. Visit us at Cagonline.Shop

Image: Holiday Bulbs by Franz Criego


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