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"You will try to go to the village, to be alone with yourself, to rest, but they will always be there." ~ Ekaterina Kovzus
 ?I have favorite themes that often inspire me. These are metamorphoses, physical changes, distortions of the object, but I also adore portraying something as it really is, I am also inspired by people, their appearance. Among my favorite techniques: symmetry, exaggeration, grotesque (especially my illustrations), realism.? ~ Ekaterina Kovzus
This drawing will generate a lot of conversations in any room of your home or office.
Available for purchase:  Original 24" x 32"   Pencil Drawing on Paper Not Framed or Matted and as a reproduction of the original.

You Can Not Hide

  • Ekaterina Kovzus is a fourth-year student of the Belarusian Academy of Arts, the department of graphics. But apart from studying, she also tries to work by doing art as well. Ekaterina has taught art at school, made murals on the walls and even laid out mosaics for churches, and now she is working in a publishing house creating illustrations. ?The most important thing in my philosophy as an artist and as a person is the need to constantly change, look for something new and apply it. No fear, just madness and courage! Since childhood, I loved to draw whatever came into my head. A kind of surrealism, children's version. Now that I have matured, many of my works are still based on various abstract fantasies that I develop into some kind of plot. Although sometimes it happens that I cannot explain the meaning of the picture to the viewer. ?I just wanted to? - I answer people.? ~ Ekaterina Kovzus

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