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Gilded (23-carat gold leaf) letter in the Russian Renaissance style. This artwork is part of the Alphabet series.
?My art is a pure creation of new ideas and forms, the study of color and depth.  It is characterized by a desire for decoration. Why so? There is a lot of problems and darkness in the world around us. Many artists focus on them. But it is also important to show an alternative. It is important to show positive emotions and beauty. And even when the work raises complex philosophical questions, I do try to make the image aesthetically perfect. So, here is the territory of art for a beautiful life.? ~Ekaterina Nikidis
This painting will look incredible in any room of your home or office.  Create a WOW factor by arranging 3 or more pieces.
Available for purchase:  Original  8" x 12" watercolor on 23 karat Blattgold paper $160 and as a reproduction of the original painting.

X Letter

  • Ekaterina Nikidis started her art education in 2007 with a private course in academic drawing. For 10 years, Ekaterina was involved in printing and graphic design for business ? first worked as a leading manager in the Advertising Department of a trading company, then was self-employed. 2016-2018 years she spent in jewelry, most of all for learning how to work with different materials and techniques. Now, the decision to finally move into the artistic sphere has been approved. Historical calligraphy, Russian art, and jewelry have become important foundations of her creativity.

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