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"The interlocking lines suggest the contours of a wave, expressing the strength and intensity of water. It expresses the strength of the robustness and intense wave. The blue color indicates a strong will, a challenging spirit, the yellow color indicates hope. This work contains the meaning of moving forward with hope in a world that is always changing like a wave." ~ Sookkyung Park
This origami creation will look wondrous in any room of your home or office.
Available for  Purchase:  The original 25" x 50" x 34" Origami sculpture and as a reproduction of the original.

Wave III

  • ?Most of my work contains blue reminiscent of the sea. For me, the meaning of the blue is that it has a strong will, a spirit of challenge, a cool feeling, and the ability to flow freely. When I was in my 20's, I often traveled to the sea when I had time. I used to dream of many thoughts and futures as I looked endlessly at the open sea. Those memories and reflections still exist in my heart. I want to share my feelings with the audience who understands the intentions of my artwork, using it as a tool for conversation.?

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