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"A swimmer is swimming underwater with fabric. My painting is a distorted reflection of the swimmer viewed underneath the surface of the water. I am inspired by the abstract shapes created by underwater swimming and I have perfected a method of hand painting with multiple paint pouring." ~ Oenone Hammersley
This painting will brighten any room in your home or office.
Available for Purchase:  The original 48" x 36" Mixed Media on Canvas and as a reproduction of the original.

Underwater Swimming Reflection 1

  • Oenone draws on her training and experience in theatre design to present a wonderful array of visual stimuli afforded her during extensive travels. Known for her imaginative and distinctive use of color and light, Oenone has progressed from painting wildlife on paper to larger more diverse images of nature in oil on canvas to fantastical depictions of water. Oenone has perfected a method incorporating hand painting with multiple paint pouring. Her mixed media technique uniquely embraces collage to create texture. The water theme is further enhanced by a resin finish that produces an incredibly lustrous effect.

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