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About the Artist: It often is said having an artistic talent is a gift you are born with and Nicole can attest to that. Nicole also will say that it is inherited as she began painting at a relatively young age. Her grandmother was an accomplished artist and so she began drawing and painting with her. On days her mother happened to work late; Nicole would be in care of her gifted artistic grandmother. Nicole and her grandmother would spend the afternoon and into the evening hours listening to classic music; while sketching and painting as she would show me the greatest artists of our time. At age 11 she was given her first set of professional Winston newton water color tube set. Nicole went on as a child to win young author awards consecutively for artwork in grade school. Herself and ten others in the junior high joined advanced art class and ended up painting several murals throughout the school at Palos south middle school. Nicole has relocated from the suburbs of Illinois to Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh; PA in for better care for my health issues. She is currently happily living with her long term boyfriend who set up a studio for her at home. Prior to this; Nicole would take pictures simply for referencing purposes; but ended up diving further into photography. Instead of her brush expressing love for scenic landscapes; she allowed for her lens to create this passion. Nicole can now happily say her health has improved; and she now considers herself to be both a painter and photographer who enjoys sharing her gift with world! Art work from the artist Nicole Martinelli featured as part of the International Juried Artshow showcase Helvetart juried May 2021 exhibition showcase. CAGO Gallery of 2021 Juried Show and Competition. All Landscapes for 2021.


Artist Statement: "As an artist I feel I am a vessel to openly share the beauty of the world through my eyes and I am meant to share my vision with the world. I am a prism of light catching beautiful colors and images capturing and expressing them on canvas and through my lens. If I can inspire; awaken; bring solace; and pleasure to others like I have experienced myself while creating my art and expressing these visions that inspire myself. Then I have reached and achieved my ultimate artistic goal." ~ Nicole Martinelli


Available for Purchase: The original; $134 as well as A Reproduction of the Original 18" x 24" Photograph

Under Haunting Skies - Awaiting the Sun's Arrival

  • Under Haunting Skies - Awaiting the Sun's Arrival by Nicole Martinelli shows the sky in such a mesmerizing and hauntingly beautiful shot. Everything immediately stopped in order to capture it, despite the weather condtions. Sometimes beauty is found in the most unexpected times or in this case weather condtions . This photograph will look fascinating in any room of your home or office.

    Available for Purchase: The original; $134 as well as A Reproduction of the Original 18" x 24" Photograph

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