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About the Artist:
Ludmila Gorbunova is from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. As long as she has remembered she always took a delight in painting. Ludmila studied at Art School when was a child. But later focused on developing her professional career in corporate finance and management. Six years ago her inner Artist has woken up and can�t help creating art. Ludmila is continuously improving her painting skills. Studied under renowned local masters-Igor Sakharov, Dmitry Kustanovich, Asis Sulaimanov, and Anastasia Maslakova.
Exhibition List
         June  2021 -St-Petersburg Art Week International, International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Arts, St-Petersburg, Russia - 1-st Place Winner at nomination "Abstract Expressionism" 
         July 2021 � Summer 2021 World Art Assembly, International Art Festival & Competition, St-Petersburg, Russia - 1-st Place Winner at 3 nominations
         July 2021 - "1st NATURE" International Juried Art Competition, Art Show International, USA - HONORABLE MENTION AWARD
         July 2021 � Golden Art Fest, International , Season 24, UK - 1-st, 2-nd & 3-rd Place Awards
         August 2021 - Beautiful Bizarre 2021 Art Prize, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Australia
        August 2021 - 2021 ALL Water/Seascape Art Competition, Contemporary Art Gallery Online, 4-th Place Award
        September 2021 -  Luxembourg Art Prize, The Pinacoth�que, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Artist Statement:
�I wish not only to convey the impulse which guides me while painting, but also dream that my emotional boost evokes some response in my spectator�s souls and heats. I will be utterly happy if my canvases motivate my audience to break new ground and unveil its potential. That is why I'm so enchanted by palette knife oil painting, as there is no any other art technique which enables to portray a nerves and vibrancy of a moment so realistically and true-to-real � ~ Ludmila Gorbunova
Available for Purchase: The original, $ as well as A Reproduction of the Original 19.7� x 23.6� Acrylic on a Canvas

Sun Kiss


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