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"My canvases are conceptual in that I collage my landscapes using line, textures, Glass tile and metal foils, in unconventional ways, to convey moments and subtle movements in nature. Not necessarily as nature appears but as nature feels: unspoken, indescribable and sometimes chaotic. In my arboreal neighborhood all the houses are hidden behind the trees. All one can see of then are the windows when they reflect the sunlight and the addresses on the street." ~Eric Goldstein
This art will look beautiful in any room of your home or office.
Available for Purchase:  The original 32" x 42" Mixed Media on Canvas and as a reproduction of the original.

Street Addresses

  • ?For the past 20 years I have collaborated on over 65 film projects as the Director of Photography. For me, cinematography has always been a truly renaissance art. It has required the alchemy of science, math, history, and technical skills to distill order out of visual chaos. As with any creative ensemble, filmmaking is a collaborative endeavor. But as a painter, I am on my own. I find that painting requires greater self-acceptance and a deeper engagement with my world. This time instead of trying to make order out of the chaos, I?m embracing chaos and allowing it to be what it is. Ultimately, my painted frames express the same underlying concept that I strive for as a cinematographer: emotional narratives with kinetic energy.?

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