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I was impressed by their attitude to each other, loyalty to a partner and gentle expressions of affection. And they are so funny! Unfortunately they are vulnerable birds now. Viktoria Zhulego's art is dazzling.  Purchase all four paintings for an amazing wall collection.  This art piece will look fantastic in any room of your home or in the office.  This is a must have!  Don't delay.


  • "Is man still a part of nature or no longer? She heals our souls and does not ask for anything in return. How many beautiful, unique creatures have been created by nature! Just open your eyes and heart wider, and you can endlessly enjoy her miracles, as they are all around." ~ Viktoria Zhulego Viktoria Zhulego was born and lives currently in the Republic of Belarus. She studies at the Belarusian State Technological University and worked in big international companies for many years until she realized what is really important in her life. Viktoria prefers minimalism in life, and this influence is present in her drawings. Each of them includes only two or three primary colors, and their shades come from the palette of natural colors. Usually one drawing is focused on one object from the natural world.

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