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About the Art: Pine Root by Wallace Woo shows a root grow slowly little by little, and yet stay strong for years and years. Just like courage for people, don't give up even when you still can't see the results yet. Being strong is fundamental. However, at the same time, the root becomes a suffering attachment. While it may be hard to grow now without an attachement to anything, you may also feel contradiction in the moment, and wish you can release the suffering, but keep yourself balanced. This acrylic piece will look magnificent in any room of your home or office. Purchase two or more to form a wonderful collage!


At first, Woo tried to match trends in his artistic production, using lots of color that he saw in his fashion circles. He says, “People were all dressed up and showing off, especially wearing the colorful clothes and walking under the bright flashlight. I do like it based on my job, but at the same time, I am getting more and more tired of this work mode.” In 2020 the coronavirus forced him to take a break from the fashion industry, during which he found peace in the process of painting. His early artworks frustrated him, as he felt no connection to the intense color palette he was using; yet he saw how the fashion world influenced his early paintings. Once he re-centered Vipassana meditation that he learned as a teenager, he felt that little by little he was healing himself and restoring what is true to him. Through looking at the Black and White artworks, he hopes that people can find a peaceful pace and appease themselves.  

Pine Root

  • Wallace Woo is from Hong Kong and lives in the world Famous fashion capital Paris for 11 years. He has a background as a fashion makeup artist and the fashion industry has given him a many different opportunities over the years. His job has opened many doors for him; unconsciously, it helped him open another gate as a pouring visual artist. Life is a journey that brought him many new experiences, especially on a spiritual level. He also had a vipassana meditation training when he were teenage, that impacted also bring to his creation. 2021, London - The Holy Art, Symphonia Contest 3rd Winner for Little; 2021, USA - All Abstraction Competition Top 10 for Pine Root; 2021, France - Art4Competition, Contemporary category; Classification 3 - Artwork Pine Root. 

    Artist Statement: "Liquid is very special, it can blend various shapes, especially the natural flow and change of water on the surface of the canvas. This is very straightforward and not pretentious, it is a topic that we must learn in our life - flexibility. Life I suppose should be simple, it is only us who make it complicated. Art is the same, as long as you learned how to appreciate, any things can be a valuable art piece."  ~ Wallace Woo Available for Purchase: The original as well as a reproduction of the Original 100 x 80 Acrylic on Canvas 

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