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"Peering is one of many from my series entitled ?Ambiguous Empathy.? I prefer not to elaborate too much on any piece from this series, because I want each viewer to come to their own conclusion of what feeling each painting emotes. I often get a myriad of different interpretations on any single painting from this series. Delightfully enough, this actually allows me to learn a lot about the viewer when discussing any piece from this series with them." ~ Hannah Marie
This painting will look powerful in any room of your home or office.
Available for Purchase:  The original 8" x 10" Oil Painting and as a reproduction of the original.


  • ?I constantly create art because it is my outlet, my coping mechanism, and my passion. I focus mainly on the human figure, especially faces. I am greatly intrigued by the power of facial expressions, which is likely why I gravitate toward them in my work. Drawing or painting the human face is my way of exploring the human experience in an intimate, yet distanced manner.? ~Hannah Marie

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