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"This sculpture was created from a bust of the original Dreammate sculpture.  From the silicon mold I casted using the material Forton MG mixed with shavings of dry pastels layer by layer, letting each layer dry before adding the next pastel layer. The effect is of a pastel rock landscape embedded into the bust of this surreal creature." ~Lauri Smith
Pastel Dreams makes the perfect gift for a new home purchase, a studio or purchase this amazing sculpture for yourself.

Pastel Dreams

  • Lauri Smith has always had a passion for art since as early as she can remember, drawing and making puppets as a child. Lauri went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW College of Fine Arts (2004) and then completed a Diploma of Special Effects Make Up at 3 Arts College (2006) leading to a career in TV, film and fashion. Collectively, all these experiences guided her to her current art practice, delving into surrealist/hyperrealist sculpture.

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