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About the Artist:

Lost Dancers

  • A photo of purple and white flowers with a dreamy effect surrounding them. Create a WOW factor by arranging 3 or more pieces on your wall. "My days are in the woods or my garden with the natural world all around that includes the Wildflowers growing in odd places, some so tiny they could fit on a pinky nail. During the warm seasons I capture their images when the air falls still and the light is gentle." ~ Jim Shirey Available for purchase: A reproduction of a 30" x 20" Photograph Purchasing a Contemporary Art Gallery Online reproduction is an easy way to revitalize a dull room, create an area of discussion, show your personality, and more. Art is appropriate and more importantly encouraged, for every room in your house? including the bathroom! Create wall collections from floor to ceiling, ascending the staircase, or choose oversize pieces to consume a wall. No longer are there right and wrongs, to hanging art. The trend today is to show your personality and you through the art you have chosen. Blank walls are out! Art always makes a difference. Great art turns a house into a magnificent home, showcasing the amazing you! Let us help you create your dream room and more importantly your dream home. Let us help you find that art that truly speaks to you!

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