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"Inspired by Mother Earth and natural elements associated with the color green: land, landscape, plants, forest, vegetation, nutrition, growth, life." ~ Stephanie Neville
This art piece will look amazing in any room of  your home or office.
Available for Purchase:  The Original 11" x 3" Mixed Media Creation and as a reproduction of the original.

Life (Green)

  • Stephanie Neville is a South African artist residing in the UAE since 1999 and has completed her Master of Visual Arts at the University of South Africa in 2019. Neville has won various awards and have exhibited internationally, with works in personal and public collections. ?Art is a way of communicating and searching for connections, and I believe the only way to create authentic art is to work from an intimate and personal perspective. Artists also have a voice that can be used to highlight issues and concerns with a public responsibility - such as a current concern with sustainability.? ~ Stephanie Neville

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