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"I prefer freedom in self-expression - not tied to any color, theme or style. Unpredictable things come up and I help them take a definite form and express in my work. My works are mostly a reflection of what I go through at that point of life." ~ Anupama Nair

Krishan and Gopikas

  • "This painting is from my Indian Mural Collection. It is a Classical South Indian Mural Art inspired by South Indian temple frescos depicting Hindu Mythology and Legends. This artwork depicts God Krishna and Goddess Radha playing and enjoying with Gopikas (girls)." ~ Anupama Nair. This painting will look dazzling in any room of your home or office. Available for Purchase: The original 43.5" x 30.5" Acrylic on Canvas Painting and as a reproduction of the original.


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