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Jack Crow - Indian Healer by Dave Lenz

Jack Crow - Indian Healer

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  • Jack Crow is a personal story of History, Romance, and Indian Culture. About the Author: Dave Lenz lives in California, but he grew up on an Indian Reservation in Great Falls, Montana. He attended Wolf Point High School and Montana State Univ. at Bozeman, where he majored in art and architecture. After attending college for two years, he entered the United States Marine Corps and served as an administrator. Upon his release from active duty, Lenz returned to college and completed another two years of study at the College of Great Falls. He resides in California. Book Excerpt: "After I turned ten, my spirit guide came to me in a dream. My spirit guide told me that there are two kinds of spirits. There is good spirit and bad spirit. He told me that if I delve into the realm of the bad spirit it would swallow me alive like quicksand. My spirit guide told me that my path is only with the good spirit. At first, I was confused when I heard him speak to me in my mind, because I only saw a big black crow in front of me in my vision."   Cover by Feature Artist: John Longbow for "Tunkuluch", The Owl is Watching.  Publisher: Barnhardt & Ashe Publishing, Inc.


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