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About the Artist:

Hanna was a corporate executive turned full-time artist. Her childhood passion in arts was ignited through a series of synchronistic events. She took a break from her decade long jet-setting corporate life and rediscovered her passion in painting. This was followed by commissioned works and an invitation to join a group exhibit in one of the most reputable art galleries in the Philippines where Hanna was born and raised. Hanna Supetran is an internationally multi-awarded; published and exhibited contemporary artist who creates thought provoking and emotionally evocative abstract paintings. Her artworks are painted intuitively using oil. Fearless; unapologetic; expressive and colorful; each painting reflects the vibrancy of life expressed in highly textured; fading colors into oblivion; intersecting and crossing over patterns and strokes. Each painting pulls you towards self-reflection; towards an inward journey; towards an adventure of the soul.



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