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Experiment with Truth by Chaitali Maji.   During the Independence movement, Mahatma Gandhi took up the Spinning Wheel (Charka) and encouraged the Indians to spin their own cloths. The spinning wheel is the symbol of self-reliance and freedom. It is the symbol of the nation?s prosperity. Gandhi was the pioneer in human history to extend the principle of non-violence from the individual to the social and political platform. He used non-violence to fight not only against colonial rule but also social evils. His vision, thought and messages of non-violence left an immortal legacy in our heart. The non-violence principle has a great significance and relevance for the present world. It brings peace, happiness and prosperity. In Gandhi's opinion, the evolution of democracy is not possible if we are not prepared to hear the other side. Where there is a love there is life. Democracy is under which the weakest should have the same opportunity as the strongest. The democratic system should work in the direction of development of non-violence at individual, community, social and national levels. If we inculcate the philosophy administered by Gandhi, humanity can emerge in its best edition where every soul will be free and will attain the ultimate aim of human life. 
?Art is a product of my imagination. My art is an act of expressing feelings, thoughts, observations, ideas, emotions, and myself.  In its broadest sense, art is a form of communication.  It means whatever I intend to paint with color, techniques, and forms it makes use of, as well as the ideas and feelings it creates to its viewers. My artwork consists of the reflection of nature?s beauty, great personalities, and social awareness.  We can learn many things from Mother Nature.  My art is a powerful shaper of character to its viewers, and it says about culture and moral values.  I love to work with various medium and techniques like pastel, watercolor, charcoal, color pencil and acrylic etc. My special interest of work with acrylic on canvas.?  ~Chaitali Maji
 This art piece will look marvelous in any room of your home.  Purchase multiple reproductions to make a visual impact on any wall in your home.  The Symbol of Peace and Tranquility is an excellent companion with this selection.
Available for purchase:  The original painting 67? x 32" acrylic on canvas as well as reproductions of the original art.

Experiment with Truth

  • Chaitali was born in India near Shantiniketan. Chitali?s childhood in Bengal was filled with art and culture and the aroma of passion for everything creative. From nursery school, Chaitali was placed in art classes. Chaitali practiced her art throughout school life. Chaitali went on to receive a master?s degree in Literature, married and had a child. Chaitali stopped drawing and painting for several years due to raising her child. However, she is back to her art, firmly gripping her pencils & brushes. Chaitali now realizes art is her worship. Chaitali says every day when she sits to draw, her heart starts dancing with music of joy. Her art takes her back in time to her childhood, the way used to enjoy life. Chaitali says Art is her life, her passion and now she does not let any day pass without creating something new with her brush. Chaitali cannot thank God enough for making her understand the purpose of her life. She wants to create something new, wants to attempt more challenging endeavors, wants to learn, and grow each new day. Chaitali believes living life in this note will assist in creating a better Chaitali with each sunrise.

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