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"Dragon is an imaginary animal of superiority and dream. Also, rainbow represents joy and hope. For this sculpture, I prepared hundreds of papers that are 5 cm horizontal and 7 cm vertical. While I folded them into triangular shape, I wished my dream come true, and finally combined them into a dragon and rainbow. Firmness of the metal represents strong desire to a future that shows endless dream for me." ~ Sookkyung Park
This sculpture will look striking in any room of your home or office.
Available for Purchase:  The original 9" x 19" x 18" Casted Bronze Sculpture and as a reproduction of the original.

Dragon and Rainbow

  • ?My work is a way to bring beautiful memories to life's challenges and hope, expressing them in color and shapes. Focusing on colors, shapes, similarities, differences, harmony, complexity, etc. is a good reference for guiding the meaning of art. According to Tolstoy "What is art?" "Art is the intentional communication of feelings." My work expresses my feelings through work as a conversation.?

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