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Curius Blue is a digital video art pieces that Stan Adard calls breathing pictures.  This art will look outstanding in any room of your home or office.   Available for Purchase:  Custom Made to order 52" x 30" x 2" Digital Video Picture Framed Display and as a reproduction of the original.

Curious Blue

  • ?Beauty and power are hidden in the zeros and ones of all processors. I work with 3D modeling and rendering software to create my artwork. The incorporate movement as a fourth dimensional element offers an immersive and dynamic visual experience to a universal audience. The work is comprised of flowing lines, vivid colors, and amorphous forms: all compositional elements are drawn together to create a sense of harmony, balance, and an ethereal atmosphere. We must regain power over ourselves. Conscious breathing is one of the most important keys to this. That is a reason to create the breathing

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