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About the Artist: Svetlana Mekhnina was born November 29; 1966; in Russia; Arkhangelsk region. Graduated in 1984 from high school and at the same time graduated from a music school in the piano class. She then graduated from Arkhangelsk State University and received a master's degree in pedagogical and Mathematical education in 1991. In 2006 she engaged in teaching at a high school in Murmansk. During 2013 moved to Luga; Leningrad Region; where she continued to teach at a high school. Svetlana entered an Art Studio in the city of Luga; which in 1992 was awarded the title of People's Studio of Fine and Decorative Arts. The following disciplines were taught in 2013- 2015 in the studio: drawing; painting; sculpture and small plastic; porcelain painting; tapestry; artistic forging under the guidance of Vladimir Rychkov. Vladimir Rychkov was engaged in scientific and pedagogical activities - he was the head of the Department of Fine Arts of the KSU. Kirill and Methodius had the academic title of associate professor at the Department of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture. She then moved to St. Petersburg and continued painting classes and improved her level; and studied different styles of paintings. Now as a full-time artist; she started exhibiting my paintings at the beginning of 2021. Svetlana Mekhnina's hobby is painting pictures; which gradually turned into the main occupation in her life. In the first years of Svetlana's work; she did not exhibit my paintings but simply gave them to her friends and colleagues at work. Now she have decided to exhibit paintings in galleries.


Artist Statement: "I am interested in studying nature and the relationships between people and transmitting this with the help of paints on canvas." ~ Svetlana Mekhnina


Available for Purchase: The original; $700 as well as A Reproduction of the Original 16" x 20" Oil on a Canvas

Congnac and Rose

  • Congnac and Rose by Svetlana Mekhnina reveals the elegant still life to a glass and a single red rose. This combination will remind you of a perfectly spent evening that will always remain in your memory. This oil piece will look graceful in your living room or bedroom.

    Available for Purchase: The original; $700 as well as A Reproduction of the Original 16" x 20" Oil on a Canvas

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