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About the Artist:   Maddy Keener is an acrylic painter based in Richmond; VA. She graduated summa cum laude and received degrees in Arts Administration and English from Goshen College; where she participated in numerous campus exhibitions; served as editor-in-chief of the school literary arts journal; and received awards and a scholarship for her drawings and paintings. Since graduating; she has exhibited in group shows around Richmond and Northern Virginia. Portraits are her main areas of focus; and; using friends and family as subjects; she seeks to capture human expression; power; and autonomy. When she"s not painting portraits; she draws intricate floral studies to explore connections between flowers and childhood associations. She has a love for plants; patterns; textiles; glassware; and beautifully prepared food; all of which inspire her work. She is currently using her art to process and rely her experiences as a server working throughout the pandemic; and creates intricate and symbol-laden scenes of diners sharing meals in restaurants. I graduated from Goshen College in 2018 with degrees in Arts Administration and English. During my time there; I was awarded an art scholarship and several awards for drawing and painting. Since graduating; I have participated in numerous juried shows around Richmond and Northern Virginia; as well as online exhibitions. I sustain my business through taking on commissions; selling original work and prints; and serving and bartending.


Artist Statement: "My portraiture captures the nuances of human expression; strength; and the relationship between the subject and the viewer. The subjects in my paintings are all friends; family; or myself; so itis vital to represent them honestly and uniquely to their personhood. Growing up as a woman has made me aware that the ways society interacts with femininity can be disempowering. Femininity is utilized to gain societal footholds; but is constantly on view for public consumption. My discomfort with this accessibility; in juxtaposition with my identification with femininity; has culminated in portraiture that subverts the docile role of women in art. Instead of acting as objects up for appraisal; my subjects challenge the viewer; reclaiming occupied space with self-possession and power." ~ Maddy Keener


Available for Purchase: The original; $ as well as A Reproduction of the Original 8" x 10" Acrylic on a Canvas

Citrus II Study

  • "While in college in 2018, I completed a self portrait with orange trees. In 2020, I was considering doing another self portrait, this time with lemon trees, and created this study. I decided against painting all that detail again, on a larger scale, but the experiment left me with a sunny, vibrant painting that has been shown several times, most notably in the Torpedo Factory Artists Association's 2021 Regional Painting Competition!" ~ Maddy Keener

    This bight and uplifting art piece will look amazing in your kitchen or dinning room.  Purchase today!

    Availble for Purchase:  The Original Acrylic on Wood, 8" x 8" for $450 as well as a Reproduction of the Orignal.

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