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Chamomile Field by Maria Yugai showcases the enchanting sights of a vast blooming flower field on a calm day. This watercolor piece will look bewitching in any room of your home or office.
?I admire the nature of our world and try to reflect this beauty in my landscapes. I believe that surrounded by nature, a person becomes truly comfortable and easy, because we are its creatures. When looking at a landscape, you can imagine yourself as a part of it, breathe in the fresh air of remote wild places for a moment, while being within the boundaries of a large city. I invite you to my gallery and I will be very glad if my paintings will decorate your home.? ~ Maria Yugai
Available for purchase: A Reproduction of a 10" x 15" Watercolor painting

Chamomile Field

  • Maria Yugai is a self-taught artist and her love in art is watercolor. As a child, she was very fond of drawing and even went to art school for two years. The teachers told her parents that she should develop in art, because they saw the ability to do it. However, it so happened that she had to stop studying and practically stopped creating. A new wave of creativity overtook her when she bought a children's watercolor for her own child. They sat down to paint together and since then she couldn?t stop. For almost 4 years now she has been painting every day and her interest in painting is only growing. Maria tries to fill her paintings with positive energy that evokes feelings of joy, love and inspiration. Today she is a member of the Union of Watercolors of Russia.

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