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Burned By Greed by Daniel Inacio is a sculpture made of metal and wood.  In more detail, it is more than 2.21 pounds of  silver and noble metals melted in an already burned piece of wood.  The wood is an oak tree killed by the fires in 2017, the 15th of November which devastated the center region of Portugal.  To Daniel this is a representation of the human greed. This sculpture will look striking in any room of your home or office.

Burned By Greed

  • Daniel Inacio visual and plastic artist from Viseu, Portuguese central region. Daniel is an award-winning photographer who adopted a multi-discipline approach as a rule and a way of escaping routine, always seeking growth through new learnings and experiences. Thus, he has never been framed in a single artistic movement, and prefers to venture into various movements within this growth. Daniel find that this multidiscipline stand allows a connection with abstract and minimalism.

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