Curator's Picks

I can honestly say, I enjoy all the art on the Gallery.  What has been wonderful about this move, is re-experiencing all of the art.  As the engine of the Gallery, I do not always get to sit back and truly interact with all the work.  I must say, I hated the twenty hour work- days, but I would not have traded this time with all the art, for anything.

I hope you enjoy the art as much as I do.  Please tell your friends, co-workers, neighbors, relatives and everyone... about us.  And remember to purchase some art today!

Enjoy, Sharon

This week's selection is Ana Maria Guta's collection.  I love the power and energy Ana Maria's work exudes.  It is a quiet thunder, so it doesn't over power you.  Ana Maria's art stimulates your senses.  They are perfect for your office or anywhere in your living areas of your home.  If you are like me and are slow to move in the mornings, place one of her pieces in your bathroom.  Hoping out of the shower, in the morning, to see The Gift of Life or Attunement will really get you moving!

Have a wonderful week.

Enjoy the Art!