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Kate Greenway


Kate Greenway

Kate is an artist and educator, who began her career in theatre production and design, and then morphed into an arts educator at a private school north of Toronto. She has always loved the arts in all forms, starting as a dancer at a very young age, and performing as an actor before discovering the joys of creating backstage. Working with young people to produce celebrated high calibre theatre productions for almost 30 years was a joy. Her affinity for nature and animals is a recurring feature in all her artwork, and in her daily life. She always takes a sketchbook with her on travels and can't wait for the world to open up again. When not employed in artistic pursuits she can be found snuggling with her beagles, cooking, and tending her large gardens in her rural backyard.

"I work in watercolour or glass–fused, stained and mosaic–frequently combining mixed media and photo-transfer elements. In both mediums, light and transparency are key. I am fascinated by the way these mediums can carry literal and metaphoric weight in their ability to be transparent, translucent or opaque, allowing us to consider what we can see through, see beyond to, or not see/what is obscured. Most recently, during COVID, I have been contemplating the delicacy of my avian visitors, the beauty of nature, as well as the strength that my animals and garden give me while painting now. " by Kate Greenway

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