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J B Nearsy


J B Nearsy

J.B. Nearsy believes everyone is an artist. To him every individual life is art, along with the ways one chooses to navigate his or her existence. He tries to tap into that when creating his own work. Attempting to work in ways that come naturally and letting intuition lead him are cornerstones that he relies on, though reasoning is always highly utilized as well.

“My primary motivation is to expose the viewer to an honest interpretation of perseverance, achieved through resilience by way of positivity. Life puts many challenges in front of us, often to outcomes that we do not expect. Not to say we will always be happy, sure, or even steadfast, but that we must try. Without an attempt, there is no means to a bright result. When we make efforts to look at situations with humility and good nature, we inevitably wind up better for it. A positive outlook builds on itself, creating more positivity and more positive outcomes. At its deepest level, my art relates to seeing the good or purpose in events and others. In this light, my work is an artifact of examining how to remain hopeful throughout struggle. I bounce around this near-paradoxical but attainable outlook in varying ways - viewing hope as pertinent, though not easy, with an open mind and without judgment.”

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