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Gail Morrison-Hall


Gail Morrison-Hall

A Philadelphia native Gail attended Tyler School of Art (Temple University graduating with a BFA and certification in education. She later graduated from Arcadia University with a MAed +60 credits. She spent the first part of her career as an art educator, helping K-8 students learn about and make art. She has led professional workshops,written and been awarded numerous grants, written art curricula and created teaching materials. Upon retiring from teaching, Gail began to focus fully on making her own art.

Gail exhibits her award winning paintings both regionally and nationally, in physical and virtual juried shows. Her work is represented in public and private collections. In addition to traveling extensively through the United States, Europe and SouthEast Asia. Gail was fortunate to have resided in Italy and Thailand

"I am, primarily an abstract painter,working in acrylics and collage materials, though a friend once described me as "six artists rolled into one." My art making process focuses on experimenting with new techniques and ways to communicate thoughts and ideas through imagery. My portfolio might be described as a study in transition, reinvention and growth.

My diverse body of work, which I group into series, is rooted in the many things that fascinate me. The subject matter or start point of my paintings and collages draw from many sources: natural phenomena, Victorian gingerbread, flora, urban chaos, illuminated manuscripts and calligraphy, a specific place, or just the interplay of pure shape color and texture.

When I approach the process of making a painting, sometimes I tell the painting what I want it to say; most times the painting tells me what it wants and needs.

I hope that my work speaks to you with a positive voice" by Gail Morrison-Hall

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