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Floris Betrouw


Floris Betrouw

Floris E. Betrouw is a Surinamese artist known for his self-designed art technique, which began in 2011
and continues today. His profession in which he earned his living for years in one of the largest companies (Alcoa / Suralco) as a Mechanical Engineer, which meant that art as a hobby received less attention and time. But in the end it is an innate gift and advised in the year 2011 by his younger brother, who was familiar with his art gifts and encouraged him to participate in national art and handy craft competitions and in 2012 he was discovered by the former director of the Surinamese art academy, personally guided him for many years after he won three (3) of the overall awards that year at the national competitions.
In 2014 he was allowed to participate in the National exhibition for the best artists and the same year
he was allowed to represent Suriname at the CARIFESTA (Caribbean Festival of Arts).

From 2015-2018 he participated with the Made in Suriname grant for the introduction of the 3D mixed
medium art technique, which until now is all managed by him.
He followed the advice of many visitors to the made in Suriname fair, to take an international step with
his art technique. June 2020 participated in the international online art competitions, of which currently he has nine (9) awards to date.

Initially associated with his self-designed art painting technique, namely papier-mâché painting with
formal elements where the shape and depths of each of these paintings result in a visible 3D radiant
effect, which is an art technique of which he is personally proud, as he as one of the first to process
2 these new insights with this technique in such a way that the painter can accurately (more vividly)
represent everything from reality compared to the work of a 2D art painting work.
His source of inspiration for painting is to bring to life the static representation of what you actually
see and bring it to life with the right shapes and depths.

By establishing rules that every painting requires, Floris marked a development and creation of his
colorful paintings which he personally elaborated and researched for high quality and longevity, with the
guarantee of the valuable works of art to retain their quality under normal weather conditions.
To obtain the artwork process, he usually uses the following mediums; gluing canvas fabric based on
plywood or cardboard paper, mark the subject and then let the finished waste paper soak with water to
a mud mass, and apply it to that figure / subject, and let it dry and then paint with your art insight in
particular the main object / element (s), making it appear as if it is looking at you or stepping out
depending on its location.

Floris says that Art is not an escape from reality, but an extension of reality, art reflects what your
consciousness is, it brings out your thoughts of the mind in the form of a sculpted reality, it is your
consciousness personified. As a visual artist, Floris believes that the inspiring practice of making art is an exercise for body and mind. It is the creator of people in the sense that creativity is a positive way of living and will improve your life and your health by reducing stress and building the sense of subsequent relaxation. "Floris loves Flora and Fauna, and through his artistic insight he wants to reflect the visible in his art world, especially the Amazon with the beautiful landscapes, tropical animals and plants, nature, tropical rainforest etc. all come to life with contrasting and harmonious colors and daring compositions with the art vision of Floris.

20326652-eye of the universe.jpg
Bigi Owrukuku Famirie
20326652-eye of the universe.jpg
Wild Turkey Couple
20326652-eye of the universe.jpg
Green Rainforest Iguana
20326652-eye of the universe.jpg
Territory of Bengal Tiger
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