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Deborah W Perlman

Mixed Media

Deborah W Perlman

Deborah Weintraub Perlman is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and currently resides in South Florida. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Boston University School for the Arts, and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art. After graduate school, her life took a turn into the business world and she put her artistic endeavors on hold as she pursued a career in corporate communications and public relations. After ending her business career in 2018, Deborah started making art again and has exhibited her work at several area and online galleries.

“I am intrigued and inspired by the dynamics of space, light and form. In nature, these relationships strike me when I see the gentle arch of a branch; a statuesque, majestic trunk; or a plant that spreads its leaves in fanciful directions. I am driven to compose a piece of art that demonstrates how these natural elements relate to each other and their surroundings. To fully express my vision, my work features a bas-relief / 3-D effect, lifting certain elements to emphasize the spatial dynamics of the composition. It is important to me that I create work that invites the viewer into the scene, compelling them to consider the natural landscape in terms of shape, form and space.”

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