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"During the pandemic period, I folded nearly 10.000 printing papers. At first, I didn?t have any special plans for what to make. But as time passed, I came to think about what are my own identity and my cultural background. To express it, I created this work by mixing traditional colors, traditional paper and thousand of folded papers interlocking together. Bamboo represents the symbol of longevity. The traditional paper was used to express the lantern and some flowers and the traditional paper strings were used to express the storyline in the colors that appear in traditional Korean women?s clothing. In addition, in order to express the characteristics of the paper, the soft curves of the work were emphasized by woven bamboo and hemp cord without using glue. This work is intended to express my identity and harmony with the new culture by mixing traditional and mechanical paper." ~ Sookkyung Park
This origami creation will be hypnotizing in any room or your home or office.
Available for Purchase:  The original 43" x 62" x 155" origami sculpture and as a reproduction of the original.

Through History

  • ?My work is a way to bring beautiful memories to life's challenges and hope, expressing them in color and shapes. Focusing on colors, shapes, similarities, differences, harmony, complexity, etc. is a good reference for guiding the meaning of art. According to Tolstoy "What is art?" "Art is the intentional communication of feelings." My work expresses my feelings through work as a conversation.?

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