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"I started this painting with my hope to contribute to the awareness of current ecological problems, which we all face ? the melting of the polar ice caps and the overall global climate change. In this sense, the computer dialogue box appears in the painting as a sign of reality, saturated with images, especially on screens. Sometimes it seems as the screens show us a more ?truthful? reality than our own five senses in our daily life perceive. We see, hear and ?experience the worlds? events through screens, we feel as we belong in the world through the power of these images.` ~ Nina Pancheva
This unique painting will draw interest in any room of your home of office.
Available for Purchase:  The original 26" x 21" Oil on Canvas Painting Matted and as a reproduction of the original.

Polar Bear

  • ?My works are not an attempt at self-expression. Also, they are not an attempt to escape reality. My artistic approach is the result of the idea that fine art is a unique method for exploring and 'seeing' the world. Working on my paintings and installations has enabled me to seek answers to questions that I find fundamental. In this sense, I could describe my works as concept-based, as looking for the appropriate means of expressions correlated to questions of interest.?

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