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"This painting is part of the series 'Computer Views". The series (it consists of six paintings: Ice, Mars, Field, Polar Bear, Authorization Required and Girl, oil on canvas, sizes between 29 x 41 cm and 70 x 60 cm) is constructed around the tension between the mimetic look of the figurative elements depicted and the abstract forms of the computer dialogue boxes." ~ Nina Pancheva
This painting would be a conversation starter in any room of your home or office.
Available for Purchase:  The original 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas Matted and a reproduction of the original.

On Mars

  • ?My works are not an attempt at self-expression. Also, they are not an attempt to escape reality. My artistic approach is the result of the idea that fine art is a unique method for exploring and 'seeing' the world. Working on my paintings and installations has enabled me to seek answers to questions that I find fundamental. In this sense, I could describe my works as concept-based, as looking for the appropriate means of expressions correlated to questions of interest.?

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