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About the Artist:
Grant Paczensky was born in London in 1972 and have been painting, drawing and sculpting for as long as he can remember. By trade he is an engraver (Die sinker) working in 3D relief for embossing purposes. Grant has in recent years decided to paint professionally and have taken the leap to do this during 2019.
Generally I have painted and drawn in the past for friends and family only, by work as an engraver ceased many years ago and I had to find a way to look after my family and the finances so left the art world completely. Only during the pandemic did I find that I had fallen back in love with painting and drawing and decided to take the plunge and commit to art full time.
Artist Statement:
�Paint, paint and paint some more, it�s the only way to truly see the world!� ~ Grant Paczensky
Available for Purchase: The original, $150 as well as A Reproduction of the Original 8� x 12� Oil on a Canvas

Fallen Angel


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