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About the Artist:
Painting has been present in my life since childhood.  This is a gift from my mother.   For me; this is an opportunity to know my inner state and the way of interacting with the world.  Experience exciting moments through the image.  Paints allow you to express even very strong emotions and feelings in a very environmentally friendly and safe way.  Drawing is a natural way of expressing myself for me.  In a drawing; I can show what I cannot describe in words.  Drawing is my world; which exists according to my rules. ~Igor Navrotskyi


  • Entertainment by Igor Navrotskyi showcases a woman as she beckons and teases. Feeling the power of your beauty. Her Flirty pose is mesmerizing. In gestures, grace and plasticity.  She flirts and she loves this game. This oil painting will look glamorous in any room of your home or office. 

    Available for purchase:  A reproduction of the 31.4” x 39.3” original.

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