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About the Artist:
Nancy Pallowick has a passion and creativity for photography. She has exhibited her photographs in exhibitions up and down the east coast. Nancy doesnt initially intend to produce a photograph about a subject matter. Some of her most successful photographs are about being in the right place at the right time. The interplay of light and color inspire her to continually seek out instances that combine the two. Whether an amazing sunset occurs or the presence of light insinuates itself into the environment she is in, she hopes to have the presence of mind and the skill to be able to capture that moment. She is never without a camera, so she is constantly seeking photographs of the environment around her. She studied with a professor who taught her how to see things differently, how to look at something and see the hidden depths of an object. He taught her not only how to see that, but how to capture it in a photograph.

Coiled Baskets

  • Coiled Baskets by Nancy Pallowick exhibits an aspect of a set of hand woven baskets shot in the Bahamas. This piece will look amazing in any room of your home or office. I hope that when someone views my photographs, they will be transported to another place. Whether it's the color, the light or the subject matter, I believe that each person will get something different out of the photograph. The pivotal concept that Im trying to impart is that there is beauty in all things and that it is indeed in the eye of the beholder. I believe that the most important component of a photograph is the light, secondly the composition and lastly the subject matter. ~ Nancy Pallowick Available for purchase:Reproduction of a 12" x 18" photograph. Purchasing a Contemporary Art Gallery Online reproduction is an easy way to revitalize a dull room, create an area of discussion, show your personality, and more. Art is appropriate and more importantly encouraged, for every room in your house? including the bathroom! Create wall collections from floor to ceiling, ascending the staircase, or choose oversize pieces to consume a wall. No longer are there right and wrongs, to hanging art. The trend today is to show your personality and you through the art you have chosen. Blank walls are out! Art always makes a difference. Great art turns a house into a magnificent home, showcasing the amazing you! Let us help you create your dream room and more importantly your dream home. Let us help you find that art that truly speaks to you!

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