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About the Artist: When in high school Glenda Miller wanted to be a commercial artist, but since she was the oldest of six children and we were living on her father's military retirement, she had to find a job straight out of high school. Glenda had taken a drafting class in high school (the first and only girl at that time to do so) with the idea of becoming an interior designer. Her father found an ad in the paper for drafting trainees at McDonnell-Douglas in St. Louis, so she applied and got the job. After finishing the training program, Glenda worked in the loft department for a few months laying out templates and sample parts before getting laid off because the company lost a government contract. Since she lacked experience and because she was a woman, Glenda found it difficult to find a job as a draftsman. In the mid 1980's, both her and her husband took some night classes in photography. For many years photography was an artistic outlet. Many of the photos feature flowers from her garden and photos from the many motorcycle trips we took. Since retirement Glenda has made trips abroad and taken more photos. She now uses those photos as inspiration for her artwork. Glenda is working on a series of charcoal drawing called Bucky's Adventures. The series features a brass bull 14" long and 7" tall that her husband gave. She draws him into pictures of places she already visited.

Red Poppy

  • I was inspired for this work by a photograph of an unusually beautiful girl, her eyes looked straight into my soul. I tried to portray her lightness, calmness and appeasement.

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