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Our Move Is Completed! We Did It!

Okay... Not quite like what you see in the picture. But metaphorically the same!

Let's face it... Moving from one platform to another, is the same as moving across town. This was supposed to be a six-to-eight-week migration. It was not even close! It took fourteen weeks. And that was fast because the team at CAG Online is the best in the industry. Everyone rolled up their sleeves, kept the coffee rolling, and worked sixteen-hour days for two weeks, straight. And at 11:52 pm EST, they unceremoniously zoomed, to say I think we are done... somewhat!

Yep... The work continues! We have a lot of tweaking to do. The new Artists have been patiently waiting for months, to be onboarded. Our wonderful Artists in residence have been extremely patient. We have new art to onboard, pictures to be changed and the Holiday products to roll out. Do not get me started there! Geez!

We were all hoping to sleep-in a few days this week, but that does not seem possible. Our Get to Do Lists post migration continues to grow. After all the lack of sleep, I dare say a few gray hairs, and perhaps a pound or maybe three! It was worth it and more. The new Gallery is beautiful, interactive, and built for massive sells.

I am sucker for the Holidays... I go over the top every year, with each year being bigger than the prior year. For all of you reading this blog and not reading this blog (shame on you!) Happy Holiday Season to you, your family, and friends!

Today is November 1st - so let the Season of Cheer, Merriment, and Shopping Commence!

We have something for everyone of your list.

I will see you in the Gallery!

Have an awesome week.



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