Five Tips to Becoming a Better Photographer - Tip Number Two By: Robert Davila

Hello again, and Happy Friday!  Today we continue with another tool, which will assist you in becoming the photographer you always wanted to be.

Tip Number Two:  There is no secret; it’s in your manual.

Even though I have years of experience in photography as an instructor and also freelance photographer, I still go over my manual.  Everything you need to know about your camera is going to be found in there.  I can’t tell you how many times I look like a superstar because I was able to get something resolve for a student or client, just because I reviewed their manual and found the solution.  If you lose your manual or purchased a used camera without one, go online.  Just about every manufacturer has their manuals online.   There are also other publications that publish books with more information about certain cameras.  You might want to do a search to see if you can find one of these publications.   These books explain in more detail the setting available to you.  They also may give you suggested setting for particular settings.  

Next week, I will discuss Tip Number Three.    Have a great weekend and take some photographs.