Five Tips to Becoming a Better Photographer - Tip Number Five By: Robert Davila

Hello again, and Happy Friday!  Today we continue with another tool, which will assist you in becoming the photographer you always wanted to be.

Tip Number Five:  Jpeg Vs. RAW

What is the big difference between these two files?  Does it even matter if I use one over the other?  While the image may look similar the editing possibilities are limited when using the Jpeg file.  If you are using images for reference, then a Jpeg might just do the job.  However, If you want to be able to change your exposure your white balance or even get rid of some spots, RAW is the way to go.  However, for the most part, you must remember that you might need to download some software to read your cameras RAW file.  This could be found online or it may even come with your camera.  Once you have finished you’re editing and want to print it, you might have to convert to Jpeg.  
Keep in mind that every time you open close or edit a Jpeg you are losing pixels.  This is done to help the file from becoming larger than it needs to be.  
I hope that these couples of tips were helpful and hope to hear about your success.  If you have any questions about using your camera or have a subject in the area of photography in which you would like to know more about, drop me a line.   I have done everything from running a darkroom lab to working with digital photography.      

Thank you for following.    Have a great weekend and take some photographs.