Five Tips to Becoming a Better Photographer - Tip Number Four By: Robert Davila

Hello again, and Happy Friday!  Today we continue with another tool, which will assist you in becoming the photographer you always wanted to be.

Tip Number Five:  What is White Balance?

If you search through your setting you can then find an option for Custom White Balance.  For the most part, your camera has several white balances setting that it can choose from.   These setting can be used for different lighting scenarios.  When you have your camera on Auto White Balance, your camera is evaluating the light and deciding for you, which one is the best for the situation.  It will choose from option like cloudy, fluorescent, tungsten and etc.  However the custom white balance will allow you to be more precise.  The process of setting the white balance may be slightly different for each manufacturer, it is best to read your manual for more details on that.  This tool will make sure that your whites are truly white.  However, for more creative use of this tool, you might want to photograph the same images using different white balance setting to see how the different color cast changes your interpretation of the image. 

Next week, I will discuss Tip Number Five.    Have a great weekend and take some photographs.