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Kuan Chun


Kuan Chun

Kuan-Chun Liu is an artist from New Taipei City, Taiwan.

“All of my practices begin as a means to understand and express myself. They usually came out intuitively, and later I would dig into the inner idea. To me, the process is as valuable as the visual outcome. Because altogether, they are materials for developing myself.”

“Since it is about me, the works usually involve hidden thoughts or unconsciousness, and there will be an uncertainty in it. Noticing them could be painful or sad, but I know I can do something with them. This is where the creativity matters, because I want to see them in different perspective.”

“I take art as an opportunity to communicate, not only within myself but also with others. Every experiences and feelings are very unique and inspiring. With communication, anything good or bad can be transformed and evolved.”

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